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What Tara Really Does With Her Day
*...they see the sun go down, but they don't see it rise...*
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look, I'm blogging. :p
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I'm having a bad day--and its all because of medicated residents and covered parking.

Bad, bad, bad day.
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What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland

"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

The Northeast
The West
The Inland North
The South
North Central
What American accent do you have?
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Last night I saw 'Death of a President'. I couldn't help but laugh throughout the faux documentary. I was so sure that the ending would have Cheney as the lead suspect. I mean, with his target practice earlier this year, and all.

Wait for it to come to DVD.
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This Dard Hunter tile (circa 1902-ish) is the official inspiration for decorating my apartment.

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Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins were so, so, so, good!!!!!!
She's like the female Paul McCartney of my dreams and I'm having her baby . . . or not.


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I'm So: loved soooo happy

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I've been in a fog all day long...

The first half of the day was spent with the doors locked and me in front of 50 files, learning to put together a compliance report.  Basically, that means that I have to audit every resident's income and do a shit-load of paperwork for it. Bad news for me: I'm missing paystubs and income verification for 20+ residents and have to have it completed by Thursday at 5pm. Basically, I'm fucked.

Good news is, that I'm going to see Jenny Lewis @ Cains Ballroom tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and that I won a small McFlurry!

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Anyone listening to NPR this morning, would have heard that Tulsa has the lowest gas prices (on average) at $1.98/gallon (Make that $1.95 @ Wal-Mart). 

How much is everyone else paying?

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AKA: Tara is a grouch.

Little girl: Can I have a banana??
Tara: No. Those are my bananas. If you want a banana, you need to have your parents buy you one.

Little girl takes paperclips.
Tara: Are you taking my paperclips?
[no response]
Tara: Did you ask if you could have a paperclip?
Little girl: shakes head
Tara: [takes paperclips away] If you take something without asking, that's stealing. Didn't your mother teach you to ask, instead of just taking things?

Dear parents and children, I do not walk into your house to use the bathroom, get a drink of water, steal pop from your fridge, go through your personal papers, ask how much you make an hour and then beg for food. Please keep your children out of the fucking office. This is not a day care center or a food bank.
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Poll #845739 Thanksgiving

As I will be spending Thanksgiving alone in Tulsa, what should I do with my day?

Sleep...nothing better than a full day of sleep.
Make my own damn turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie...and then give it to the homeless--or the crackheads down the street.
Clean and paint the house.
Watch movies and cuddle with the cats.
Do whatever Tulsans do . . . which is probably eat and sleep.
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9/16/06 Grand Prairie, TX

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I'm making my livejournal entries 'friends only' for the current time.

I don't have the option of blogging my every random thought anymore, so when I do blog, it will prob be more meaningful than, "I'm tired and hungry and liberal."
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This week was crazy. Between classes and work, I've found little time to do much else than eat small meals, run to WalMart and sleep. I even went days without checking email!! Thank god for labor day.
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Each night I sit here, alone, and procrastinate my hours away. The chaos that I nest in deserves my full attention. Mais, duct tape and cardboard boxes are too much of a hassle for me at the moment. I'd rather be reading financial books, planning my massage therapy business for Tulsa, and munching on kettle corn. 

Slowly, this all will happen...
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Like christmas morning...

I awoke to find the 2007 Ikea Catalog.
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My moving give-away continues - 

1. random stuff from the Sampler.

2. Redken Outshine anti-frizz milk 1oz. (new); Redken Clear Moisture Conditioner 1 oz. (new); Redken Satinwear blow-dry lotion 1 oz. (new).  *taken*

3. Olay Quench Body Lotion for dry skin 0.5 oz (new)

4. Intuition Fragrant Body Lotion - Estee Lauder

5. Clinique small shiny purple makeup bag circa fall 2001.

6. Miniature Deck of Cards.

. Comment and its yours...

All of this stuff can't move into the 900 sf apt with me....
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I'm happy to say that I just broke through one of my genealogical blocks!!!

Hooray for Carl Jahns and Anna Justina Kuhn of Klostitz, Akkerman, Bessarabien, Russia!
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The past week has been a headache. 

With the absence of my tooth, I found myself navigating through a perscription level II narcotic world of confusion and erratic sleep.  Pair this with activities such as:  (a) working, (b) a night with the Demigs and my ex, and (c) packing for Tulsa and you have a very strange collection of memories to be stored away in my schema under 'the Last Days of Denton'.  The heat induced dillusion of 105f+ temperatures doesn't help with clarity, either.

Next week will find me on another trek to T-town to scout out a final place to call home.  I've enrolled for classes in Tulsa: Jewelry I, Intro to Ceramics, French I & II, Lifespan Development ; and Field Study.  Now is the time to ask me about my new career path...

This $1 Greig cd is leaving me swooning in a Norwegian fantasy.

G'nite LJ.

Rockin My World: Greig - Adagio from Piano Concerto in A minor

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I stayed the night in Ardmore after having my tooth pulled.

It's 106f outside. The weatherman said that w/the heat index, it is 115f.

No wonder I almost passed out on my little hike this morning.
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For a year now, my root canal tooth has been giving me hell. The botched root canal, that resulted in a cracked tooth, has now become abcess and the gum has swollen into a little ball the size of a pea. The infection has spread and the rest of my gums on that side are a bit swollen, as is my neck and lymph nodes on the right side.  My mom should be coming down soon with antibiotics, and then I'll drive up to Ardmore tomorrow morning to go to the not-my-regular-dentist  (dr. sjulin is on vacation--lucky him). 

I am at work. I am hot. I am extremely irritable.
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I finally decided to upload a year+ worth of (decent) photographs to deviantART.

...I wish I had a better camera. 
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Tara = TR

Tonight I bought a book called "The Secret Universe of Names". It was dead-on about me. To the point that I got a bit teary eyed in Barnes and Noble!


With their down-home integrity and natural curiosity, TR's are drawn to careers in which they're able to express their original ideas.  Their application of thier strength/vulnerability trait allows them to take liberties that others find impossible: like befriending the company bully or waltzing into the CEO's office unannounced.

An offbeat sense of humor contributes to their cheeky charms and they're among the first to defuse tense situations with witty observations.

TR's learn quickly when they want to, but prefer to rely on their internal radars to warn them of danger. Still, even with their extraordinary powers of observation, TR's can get flustered when events catch them by surprise and seem poorly equipped to cope with crises. This is why on the keyboard of life, TRs always have one finger on the escape key.

This is particularly noticeable when it comes to the TR's relationships, in which their unwillingness to tackle emotional issues can become a major barrier to intimacy.  Relationships can be tricky things for their partners, who can never be quite sure as to what's really troubling their otherwise devoted mate. And yet,
TRs are so confident of themselves that they really believe that they don't have issues.

TRs prefer to operate on their own terms and from positions of emotional power. Dealing with children, on the other hand, present no such problem, and TRs find their natural honest to be refreshing and completely unthreatening.

Your turn....who wants to go first?

I'm So: quixotic quixotic

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So, I've been working 50+ hours a week. *tired*

I've also been jogging about every other day. *tired*  But, I'm learning to like my every other nightly jog. And as odd as it seems, I've noticed a difference in the shape of my calves.  Maybe in 20 years I'll be able to run a marathon.

I've played a lot of poker, scrabble, mancala, chess, etc.
I almost bought the official scrabble word book last night. I think I'll go back this evening and buy it. :p

Last night, I filled out the newest FAFSA. Perhaps I'll break down this next semester and get my first student loan---just like everyone else in America.

I'm going to Oklahoma this week.

And my tooth hurts...the cracked, botched root canal tooth.

I'm So: blah blah

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We often get "spam" via fax in the office. Today's was the best:

From "Jim's Extreme Movers" (972) 288-7035

Verbatim from a handwritten "letter":
We been in service for 15 years. we have two locations Dallas/Ft. and Huston. We also do delivery for Sam's Club and others Companies. We offer $25.00 dollers for Refreal Service for every Customer we recive from your office.
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Boy George to serve as sanitation worker....

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I want things that I know aren't good for me:  chocolate, preservatives, chinese food, french fries, babies, ramen noodles, whisky, wheat beer, sex, coffee, non-organic peanut butter, a dog, real butter, ice cream, fried cheese sticks, chicken strips, and salt.\

oh biology.
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Last night, I had nightmares again. Its killing me.

The first dream involved my entire family, including my dead grandfather and my dead great grandmother.

The second dream involved a girl that often shows up in my nightmares...and I wanted to beat the holy living mother fucking shit out of her.

I awoke feeling exhausted.

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Rockin My World: Rilo Kiley - Pictures of Success

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Last night, I jogged in what blue light lingered from the sunset. My ipod played the Lonely Planet podcast on India. I was enchanted and mesmerized. I was reminded of childhood desires to explore the faraway land. I drove home singing Govinda to myself.

Some moments of my life leave me feeling as if I'm trapped and suffocating. Every time I fall asleep I have nightmares. Not monsters and demons or ghosts and aliens...nightmares that reflect my own insecurities and doubts. I question the things that I've done--especially over the past 3 or 4 months. And maybe I made the right decisions and maybe I made the wrong decisions. To think about it all makes me want to vomit or run away.  Avoidancy is my disorder of choice. Lying to myself, ignoring the world around me, and praying that it all doesn't result in an ulcer . . . just a day's work.

I made the best pasta of my life, last night.

I didn't even write down the recipe.

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Rockin My World: Lickety Split - Devendra Banhart

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Work is contributing to this headache, as is the post-buzz of the Beck concert. Pictures to come.

I need more sleep in my life and less Otis Spunkmeyer muffins.

And someone turn this emo-ass radio station off!

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Rockin My World: the radio...

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